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This is why IBM is buying more MacBooks than Windows PCs in its Offices.

Many employees would most likely find a Windows PC instead of a more expensive MacBook in their offices. People who wonder why this is fast becoming a norm often get this feedback: Macs are more expensive, Macs are harder to manage and more challenging to control.

However, IBM has changed that perception. The company, which has over 400,000 employees and 130,000 external contractors now has over 90,000 employees using Macs, up from 30,000 in 2015 and is adding 1,900 new MacBooks every week.



According to IBM VP Fletcher Previn:

“Every Mac that we buy is making and saving IBM money.”

At this point, I tried to decipher his statement given that a MacBook is far more expensive than a regular Windows PC, but Previn was referring to the support system — Apparently, IBM saves $270 per Mac in support costs, over support for Windows-based computers.


“We have to go out and manage the Mac environment 104 fewer times a year than PCs, ”Previn said.


Apart from that, moving to Mac has also had a significant impact on employee engagement at IBM, which climbed 10 percent year-on-year, with an employee survey attributing this freshened up the enthusiasm to IBM’s provision of “better tools for IT.” The company reports a hugely impressive “91 percent user satisfaction” from its Mac users. (Source ComputerWorld).

By the way, IBM isn’t the only global company championing the move to Macs; Cisco claims Apple delivers the “world’s most innovative mobile tech,” while Deloitte recently claimed Apple products are “essential to the modern workforce.”

If given a choice to pick as an employee, which would you choose?



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