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Ibadan FTW!

*FTW: For the Win.

Ibadan seems to be getting a lot of attention these days.

First, we were informed that NCC plans to establish a data bank at the Technical University, Ibadan (Tech-U) before the end of July, in addition to that, they also plan to lay optic fiber and ensure WIFI connection in the institution. When asked the reason for the choice, the executive commissioner, Dr. Dare said that the report released by NCC in November 2017 placed Ibadan third in terms of revenue generation with an average user rate, as a result, they “have decided to move Oyo State up in the area of our priority.”

Now, according to the press release sent by Airtel, the company has finally launched their first 4G LTE mobile network service:

In Ibadan!

This was made official by Airtel’s CEO at an event in Ibadan. He also confirmed that they would be rolling out to other cities across the country in the coming months.

So why Ibadan?

My best bet would be that they are not as populated as the top major cities, so with that, it could be easier for Airtel and NCC to initially push new services there.

Whatever the real reason is, I can just picture my Ibadan peeps doing this to people from the top major cities in Nigeria:




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