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Someone Made A Video Of Our Future, And It’s Pretty Scary.

You need not be told that Virtual Reality of the future will be what smartphone is today, especially with the way Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are handling it. But have you ever wondered what living in a virtual reality world will be like? Keiichi Matsuda’s video might give you a hint and be prepared to say, “I reject it” if you are like my mum.


The 6-minute video is titled Hyper-Reality and it shows us how virtual reality might take over every aspect of our lives, however, instead of seeing all the fancy stuff VR promises, we see how the character is being bombarded with ads, messages and all kinds of popups in her VR world.


The video gets even scarier when the main character’s Virtual reality world gets hacked making her unable to function in the real world.

Matsuda shows how everyone is ready to accept virtual reality with little thought being put into the consequences of new media and augmented reality.


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