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History Made: For the First time ever, A Driverless Car beat a Race Car Driver

Who remembers that Bank PHB advert where they said Cars would drive themselves and run on water???????  It was aired in the year 2013. Now guess what? that dream has finally come to pass.

Some researchers at Stanford university developed an Audi TTS that drives on its own, because the car’s performance was mind blowing, they paired it against a race car that was driven by an amateur touring class champion. To  my amazement, the Driveless car actually beat the race car’s ass with an impressive gap.

The group of Scientist that created this amazing innovation said that in order to achieve what they did, they had to study the human drivers and even went as far as attaching electrodes to their heads to monitor brain activities (Choi Tech chi no logy). They also predicted that within the next 15 years, cars that have skills like that of  Michael Schumacher ( A seven-time Formula One World Champion and widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time) could be driving children to school. See the GIF below, gotten from www.telegraph.co.uk


See, I am of the opinion that one, someday.. sooner than you can imagine.. Technology would replace a lot of things, like Bank Clerks, Accountants.. name it, and this has solidified my claims.  So the question for today is:

Would you allow this car drive you?? Are you willing to put your life in the hands of Technology??


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