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Here Is How You Can Turn Any Website Into An Ad-Free Android App In Seconds.

I think the first question you might want to ask is, Why in God’s name would I want to convert a website into an app? But what if I told you that it could save your phone’s battery and mobile data?


Anyway, meet Hermit, an app that allows you to create lite versions of any app or website so you can save both your battery and data. Another thing Hermit does is to act as an ad blocker (I know website owners wouldn’t like this one). The third best thing about Hermit is the fact that it doesn’t occupy much space – The only space it occupies on your phone is the space needed for the icon, which is practically none (The Hermit app itself is under 1 MB).


The first thing you will need to do is to download the app here


Once installed, just click on the + icon as seen in the image.


For this tutorial, I would be converting MissTechy to an app (P.S. You can also convert other Android apps, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, to name a few).



To do this, type in Misstechy’s URL,  it might take you to the google search page, just select MissTechy.com, after which you can rename the app and click on the plus sign to create.


That is all people, MissTechy would now be added to your home screen where you can apply so many customizations like blocking ads, ability to block images, data saver mode, notifications, and so many other cool stuff.


In my opinion, this is a better alternative to so many clumsily or maliciously made apps you might have installed.




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