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Here’s One Reason I’d Watch a Video On YouTube Rather Than Facebook.

It’s no news that Facebook has been barreling hard into videos for some time now, but for all its efforts, I’d still choose to watch a video on YouTube than on Facebook, especially on a PC

am sorry, Mark Zuckerberg.

Scratch that:


How about a Storytime?

Someone shared a “Food Tricks for Valentine’s Day” video on Facebook, not that I was looking to use the “tricks” on valentine’s day.

But I was interested, so I clicked on the play button and as usual, I had to wait a while because it was constantly buffering.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I searched for a similar video on YouTube. Where it took me about 5 minutes (Or more) watching a 2-minute long video on Facebook, it took me exactly 6.38 minutes on YouTube (The video on YouTube was longer) with no buffering in sight.

In case you’re thinking “it’s just me and my 4G network,” a visit to Reddit showed that it’s a known issue on Facebook.

The Problem?

YouTube uses a better-optimized streaming protocol to transfer data. It also identifies the user internet speed and loads the video in the suitable quality. Plus YouTube is a well-established video platform that has a tested workflow and vast server made especially for a smooth user experience

On the other hand, Facebook is a semi-new entrant and video delivery is just a part of its Social Networking platform, but they have realized early enough that video delivery will be the future, hence the reason they have their own CDN. However, you are only allowed to choose between SD or HD quality, both of which are not 100% buffer-free.

If there is one thing I am certain of, is that the future will be interesting because Facebook has proven to be a formidable force in social media.

With that said, which do you prefer when it comes to video content?


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