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Happy New Month People! Pull off April Fool with these Tech Pranks

Pull off April Fool’s Day with these Tech Pranks

Let’s not forget what today is .. April Fool’s Day, aka National Screw with Your Friends Day- Given the fact that Technology has come a long way, it is time to step your game up novices :p

 Thanks to our Smartphones – not only can you record pranks and place them on popular social media sites for your friends to laugh at in the future — you can use some Apps to mess with your friends’ or Parents’ device
Here are some Smartphone apps that can help you pull off these pranks.

Prank #1. Make Them (Ahem… Their Phones) Fart

A good fart from a fine babe would surely get everyone laughing regardless of the age group. Using a free Android application called Motion Fart, you can place the device in your friend’s bag and let it fart every time movement is detected, or just make it fart whenever you feel like it. With Fart for Free on iOS, you can set an intensity level, set a countdown, stealthily place your phone next to your friend, then let her rip!

Prank #2. Capture Your Friends’ Ghosts on Camera

Capturing a ghost on camera is hard, however with these apps ( Ghost Prank for Android and Ghost Capture for iOS.)  you can get a ghost and crop it in your friend’s picture. Though I must admit that it would be hard to pull this off in Nigeria as we don’t believe in Ghosts – but whatever just try it out and see their reactions. Don’t forget to capture it on camera. *evil laugh*

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Prank #3. Create Fake Conversations with WhatSaid

Publicly humiliate your friends by easily creating fake conversations and posting them to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. The free Android app is called WhatSaid, you can use their template or create your own – this only applies to Whatsapp though.

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Prank #4. Kill Them with Anticipation

IPhone users know how annoying it is when you’re in an active conversation and those three text-in-progress dots come up. Well, save theText-In-Progress Animation and send it to any iPhone user to see how long it takes for them to get annoyed. It will send it as a photo, so hopefully they don’t notice and click on it. Yes, the dots are animated after you send them.


Prank #5. The “OMG, I Cracked Your Screen” Prank for .. the Parents.

This might be an old news with your friends, but you can still pull this off with your parents – that would be HILARIOUS trust me – Make them think you ruined their device’s display. Grab the Crack Your Screen app and set it to activate it by motion (dropping motion) and give the appearance of a broken Android device. It also displays their actual apps and wallpaper in the background for a more realistic effect.

Prank #6: Swap Shortcuts in iOS Dictionary

This is a classic, but  hilarious prank, Just  switch shortcuts for words or terms to something ridiculous in the dictionary. Like “hey” to “I’m dumb” or “owm” to “I need a life, you can also go very extreme with this – you know what I’m saying 😉


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Prank #7: Fake a bad dent on someone’s car

Your car is probably one of the most expensive and useful things you will own in your life, and people get touchy about anything happening to theirs, so car pranks are a pretty good bet.

With the Dude, Your Car! app on iOS and Android you can pull off denting your friend’s car and watch his face explode.All you have to do is take a photograph of someone’s car and then add some special effects to the image.

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                There you have it, your own Tech pranks to pull off today – which one would you try first?


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