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GSMArena (And A Couple of Others) Might be Unhappy With the New Change on Google Search.

What is the first website you visit when you want to check for the specifications of a phone, especially phones like the Pixel 2 or the Samsung Note 8?

Your possible answer(s) could (either) be:

Google search — GSMArena — Phone Arena — MissTechy Arena

Google might make you skip the others because they are implementing the ability to compare two devices using Google search — the same thing GSMArena offers. So, when you search for iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL, you should get something like this:

I wonder which iPhone X version has a fingerprint sensor. Hmmn.


I tried it but didn’t get a result similar to the one up there, which means that it hasn’t rolled out to this part of the world, yet.

As for GSMArena being unhappy, I believe that Google’s implementation is not as specific and detailed as GSMArena, so those who want detailed specs would still visit platforms like GSMarena.




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