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This App, created by a Nigerian, will check for Grammatical Errors (As you Type) on your Smartphone.

Checking for grammatical errors on your PC is quite easy thanks to extensions like Grammarly & others, but the same cannot be said for your Smartphone.

In comes GrammarPal: An app that wants to get rid of those pesky grammar errors.

Unlike the default spell checker on our phones, GrammarPal “tries” to find all other kinds of grammatical errors across any app on your device.

To get started, download the app (on the Play store, no app store for now) install and grant it the necessary permissions.

Upon doing that, GrammarPal will trigger a floating icon that will only appear when you are typing (This works across all apps).

After typing, you can tap on the floating icon to scan what you’ve typed, it will then show you how many errors you’ve made.

To correct, tap on the floating icon and make the necessary corrections:

It is super easy to use and the icon is only there when you need it, which is one of the many reasons why I love the app.

The other reason?


Yes, GrammarPal was created by Kizito Nwose, an Android Software Developer.

What do you think?

YAY or YAY?!


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