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Google’s Uptime: Do You Need an App to Watch YouTube Videos with Your Friends?

Google has a new app — uptime —where you and your friends get to watch the same YouTube video at the same time. Uptime basically makes the experience of watching YouTube videos more group-centric, even for people who are far away from each other.

Uptime users can:

  • Search for YouTube videos to share with the community.
  • Watch videos that have already been shared with the community.
  • See which videos other users are watching in real-time, as well as which videos they have previously viewed.
  • Follow other users within the app.
  • Share comments, like videos and share emoji reactions

At the moment, Uptime is only available on iOS devices and is available via the iTunes App Store.

Now, here is my problem with this, why did Google create a new app when they could have just integrated all of these features into YouTube.

In Google’s defense, the Uptime experiment is from Google’s Area 120, which lets entrepreneurial-minded Google employees try out new ideas.

Yeah, I still don’t get it.

Over to you, do you need a new app like uptime to watch YouTube videos with your friends? When you could just share your screen using Skype or make a WhatsApp call and watch the said YouTube video together.



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