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Google’s Facetime-like video app begins rollout.

For iPhone users, if the first thing that comes to mind when you want to make a video call is “Facetime,” then you are part of the reason Duo was created.


My face, anytime my friends ask for my Facetime ID.

Duo which was announced at the Google I/O conference is a very simple and a more user-friendly answer to Apple’s Facetime.


To show you how simple it is, Duo will not require any additional sign ups, all you need is your phone number, the app (On both the caller and the callee) and the phone number of your Partner-in-chat. The unique selling points of Duo apart from its simplicity are the knock-knock feature that gives the callee a live preview of the caller before picking up the call, just to make sure it’s no hoax and the call encryption.

Google’s Duo begins its global rollout today, but upon visiting the store (Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store), it still shows the pre-registration  button ?.

I’d update this article accordingly once it is available either officially or through the APK mirror.

By the way, something tells me that iPhone users might frown on Google’s Facetime-initiative.



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