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Project Ara Is Upon Us: Google Shows Us What A Modular Phone Should Be!

Oh, my days! Looking at Google’s Project Ara got me hyperventilating.



Alright, in case you have not met Ara, forgive my manners.  Project Ara is Google’s version of what a modular smartphone should be (P.S: This has been in works since Wayback!). The idea is to make Smartphones have interchangeable parts that can be swapped instead of changing the whole device completely. What Google wants to do is to lengthen the life span of your smartphone, so instead of the regular 1-2 years, you have about 5 years thanks to these interchangeable parts.



The Project Ara that will be released this year to developers first (WAIT! WHY AM I NOT A DEVELOPER AGAIN?)  is a 5.3-inch, fairly high-end smartphone that has its display, processor, RAM, and storage locked into the frame.

project ara


What this means is that just like a puzzle, you can plug any module into any slot, as long as it fits. There are thousands of combinations possible and no two people have picked exactly the same things.

The Project Ara has six different modules that come in rectangular shapes, the modules that were shown in the demo include:

  • An e-ink display
  • A Speaker and microphone module
  • Camera module
  • A touch sensitive module
  • Style module
  • A fingerprint reader
  • …And a Kickstand.

It’s been years since the smartphone industry has seen groundbreaking innovations and Project Ara could be what the industry needs to break away from that sameness. Yes, many people have their reservations about the device, but I have a feeling that this could be it, guys! A Smartphone truly worth screaming over.

If you are a developer, head over to Ara’s website to sign up for more information, while we heathen wait till 2017,  when it becomes available to the consumer market.

H/T: Wired


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