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Google Sure Loves to Play: Can You Solve the Riddles in Google’s Building? And Could Android P Be Pineapple Cake?

Google I/O 2018 is 4 months away, but the tech company has already updated the I/O website to include a scavenger hunt (Click here to visit), just like I/O 2017.

From the homepage, you would be taken to a Google Maps street view which points to the reception area of a Google building.

Moving forward, you’d see a door with a lock icon, You’ll have to solve the riddle before opening the locked door.

Mini-spoiler alert:


For those who can’t solve the riddles, just hover on the text below:

Iwata–> 01 60 80–> Yam–> Aeschylus –> lights off–> sisters, upside down, mirror, theatre. –> may8-10

If you’ve managed to unlock all doors, you’d get to see the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View with the official dates for this year: May 8-10.

Meanwhile, people are already suggesting that the next Android version, Android P, could be Pineapple cake because of this picture that was spotted on the table:

What I think:


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