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Google Has Just Succeeded In Getting Me To Reinstall Allo. (Spoiler Alert: I Uninstalled It 20 Minutes Later).

Okay, Google! You can clap for yourself.

Because you have just succeeded in getting me to reinstall Allo.

They were able to lure me with a new update that is quite similar to Bitmoji’s offering. Google’s new Allo update will allow you to take your selfies and turn them into highly personalized stickers that you can send to friends.

Of course, I was interested, so I reinstalled the app to try it out, and boy, was I disappointed because the stickers didn’t look like me.


I mean, look at this! Where did that oblong-shaped face come from?


Just like Bitmoji, you have the option of customizing your sticker,


But that ruins the whole “neural networks” effect, doesn’t it? (The feature used a combination of neural networks and the work of artists to turn your selfie into a personalized sticker pack). Then there is the question of “Who do I send this to?” Since none of my friends use Allo.

So, even if I was swayed by what I read, I am sorry Allo, but I have to uninstall you again.

No vex. 



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