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A Google Employee Has Sued Google for Being ‘Too Secretive.’

Everyone knows that tech companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, to name a few value their privacy especially when it comes to internal dealings. However, based on the latest development, it seems Google’s privacy practice might be a tad overboard. A new report has it that the search-giant has been sued by its own employee — who has filed anonymously as John Doe — for being too secretive.


The report claims that Google warns employees not to communicate their concerns (even with Google’s attorneys) about potential illegal activity within the company in text format. They also have a law that prohibits employees from writing a novel about their experience in the Silicon Valley, until Google approves the draft. These policies are said to be intended to control Google’s former and current employees, limit competition, infringe on constitutional rights and block the reporting of misconduct

Google’s spokesperson told Mashable: “We will defend this suit vigorously because it’s baseless. We’re very committed to an open internal culture, which means we frequently share with employees details of product launches and confidential business information. Transparency is a huge part of our culture. Our employee confidentiality requirements are designed to protect proprietary business information, while not preventing employees from disclosing information about terms and conditions of employment, or workplace concerns.”
If found guilty, it could make Google look like the North Korea of the tech world. Also, they might pay out as much as $3.8 billion in total, with 75% of the penalty collected by the state and the rest distributed to Google’s 65,000 employees.



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