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Google’s AutoDraw App Wants to Bring Out the Artist in You.

Do you know this song by Donald Lawrence?

Well, Google also believes in that song, but instead of seeing a King, Google sees an Artist.

In a bid to bring out your inner Picasso, Google has launched AutoDraw, a web-based tool that uses machine learning to turn your scribble into ribble ugly doodles into art. Just visit the web-based app on your phone, computer or tablet and select the “Start drawing” button. There, you can select the Autodraw pen and draw your version of anything. In my case I was trying to draw a smartphone:

Google’s Autodraw starts guessing what you’re trying to draw with suggestions you can view above. Once you click on one of the suggestions, your nonsense would literally be transformed into sense. It automatically replaces your inferior work of art with something better.

Like TNW pointed out, it is like a robot trying to play Pictionary.

By the way, your result can be exported as a PNG file for use in your projects, which is cool too.


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