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GLT Launches App for Taxi Services; Offers Various Vehicle Options Including Vans.

Last week, GLT launched its taxi booking applications — the GLT Partner App and the GLT Rider App. Both of which are available on the Google play store and App store.
Like every other app of its kind, the “GLT rider app” seeks to ease taxi bookings as well as eradicate bad riding experiences for customers. While The GLT Partner App is a job creating service in that it provides an avenue for car owners to sign up and become drivers on GLT. Interested drivers can download the App or visit www.gltapp.com to sign up.
 When it comes to vehicle options, GLT taxing booking service gives you a wider choice range. You have the GLT Mini, which offers smaller cars ranging from 2003 to 2006 car models, the GLT Deluxe, which offers cars ranging from 2007 to 2013 models, you also have the ground-breaking GLT Van for those times you need to convey a large group of people from one place to the other.
 The price specifications for the three categories on GLT are as follows:
GLT Mini: Base = N300, price per minute = N6, price per kilometer = N70, commission = 15%, person size = 4.
GLT Deluxe: Base = N350, price per minute = N8, price per kilometer = N90, commission = 20%, person size = 4
GLT Van: Base = N450, price per minute = N10, price per kilometer = N100, commission = 20%, person size = 8.
To try out the service, download the GLT rider app on Google Play store via this link, or the App store.


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