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GLO’s Large Internet User Base Shows That Sometimes, Price Is All That Matters

If you ask anyone in Nigeria to list out the Telcos with the best Internet services in terms of quality, I am so sure Etisalat will be number one on the list with MTN tagging along, then GLO and Airtel fighting for the 3rd or 4th place. However, Etisalat’s very good Internet services could not translate to a large Internet user base as reports have it that Globacom gained the highest number of new Internet subscribers from August – December.

nigeria's internet base globacom internet user bse
Image Source: NCC

After using GLO for some days (location – Ikeja), I wonder how they got to that level given their rather poor Internet services. Do you remember when people tried to improve their phone’s reception by hanging it in the air? Well, I had the same experience while using Glo, I moved from the window to the top of the TV, and other places I dare not mention here, all in a bid to get better Internet speed.

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Mind you, it being on 3G or Edge didn’t improve anything. Don’t get me wrong, they have their good days, but their bad days outweigh their good.

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Why are people still subscribing? One word – Price. Glo has one of the cheapest data – N1,500 will get you 2.5GB data and N8,000, 24GB among many others.

Which brings me to this conclusion – most Nigerians will rather sacrifice quality if they get to pay less.

Another truth is, in a country like Nigeria, you cannot eat your cake and have it – if you want quality, go for the expensive ones, if you aren’t bothered about the quality, the cheap data might be your best bet.

This, my friends, is the painful truth.


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