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Some of The Funniest Memes Every Gadget Owner Can Relate to.

You know I love me some memes/GIFs, so, here is a look at some of my best gadget memes on the web.

In my opinion, every PC owner must have experienced this, at least once in their lifetime.

Plus, don’t we all hate when this happens:



By the way, is there anyone here who hasn’t experienced this before?

Then the annoying moment when this happens:

Or this:

And the unspeakable joy you experience when you finally get to do this:

Plus, we all have that one friend who would always ask for our chargers, like always.

Meanwhile, the careless ones can definitely relate:

Now imagine the horror when this happens:


Or when you leave Computer village only to discover this:

In the meantime, who else agrees that the parent and tech memes will never grow old

Because we still have this type of parent:

And the ones that would go the extra mile with your gadget.

I am sure the “Boys” can relate to this:

Finally, can Millenials ever forget their phones?



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