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How Frequently Do You Use the Multi-Window Feature On Your Android Device?

I remember having this conversation with a friend who is also a techy about how we take for granted the multi-window feature on the Android Nougat —most of us either forget to use it or completely forget that it exists.

Personally, I only use it depending on my current phone, if it’s less than 5.5-inch, then I can’t be bothered because in my opinion, the multi-window feature is best suited for phones with bigger screens. (The feature I USE (A LOT!) —irrespective of the screen size —is the double tap (on the recent button) to switch apps.


However, if there is one thing you can’t deny, it’s the fact that the multi-window feature is pretty useful — I love how I am able to watch a YouTube video and reply a comment on the blog at the same time.

So, over to you, how often do you use this feature and when was the last time you used the multi-window feature on your Android device?

Tip: For those who want to use the feature, but always get the app unsupported message, you can go to Settings > Developer options > towards the bottom of the list you can toggle “Force all activities to be resizeable.”



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