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FreeTel Ice 2 Review: This is the N13,000 Smartphone Google Promised Us.

Remember the Ice 2? Well, I got a unit of the device some days back and my weekend was spent reviewing the device. I also tried my own version of #MansNotHot, so watch the video and let me know what you think of the intro, the device, and my sibling — Thorpe/Tope.

In the video, I did mention that there is currently no device that has the specs the Freetel Ice 2 sports and at that price point (If there is, let me know in the comment box), as a result of the price tag, you won’t get any bell or whistle. By the way, this phone is manufactured by Plus One Japan Limited under the brand name Freetel.

As far as the accessories are concerned, you only have your MicroUSB cable and Power Adapter.

Powering on the device takes about 28 seconds— it overtook the Infinix Zero 4 Plus to claim the third spot.


The Ice 2 has an all plastic build and the back cover is removable, same as the battery. Therein lies the dual SIM card slot and a slot to put your MicroSD card. 

And trust me, you are going to need to need one because the Ice 2 has 8GB of Internal storage on paper and only 4.38GB available to use.

The Ice 2 is also light, coming in at 117g.



As for the display, this is 4-inches, with a screen resolution of 480 x 800.  As expected the colors are nowhere near great— they even appear washed out— but it gets the job done.

Sunlight visibility is okay provided you increase the brightness slider to the maximum.


The Freetel Ice 2 comes with an Android 7.0 out of the box, and thanks to the partnership with Google, you get a stock Android experience.

However, it does come with a couple of bloatware — like TD Africa, MyMtn, and MTN Music— all of which can be uninstalled.

Performance-wise, you get 1GB of ram and a processor that is clocked at 1.2GHz. As expected, the experience while using the device isn’t fast or smooth.

But it does the basic stuff like browsing the web, checking WhatsApp, and even playing a game or two (This would only work if you play one game at a time i.e. No other app must be in the app drawer when playing). 



The Ice 2 comes with a 2MP back-facing camera and a 0.3 front-facing camera. So, if you were expecting “on-fleek” photos, you need this:

Of course, I took some pictures using the back camera.


As for the front camera, all I can say is this, do not use the front camera without enough light (Preferably daylight) so as to avoid your photos looking like this:

Another indoor shot with good lights:


The 1900mAh battery on the Ice 2 won’t last you up to 2 days of light use, but it can be used all through the day before charging.

Speaking of charging, it took about 2hours 50 minutes to charge the Ice 2 from 1% to 100%.


You won’t get amazing sound from the speaker which has been placed at the back of the device:

But you have the earphone jack.


For those who are interested in benchmarks, it will interest you to note that the Ice 2 is better than the Hot 3 in this regard:




You only get the accelerometer and proximity sensors — nothing else.



This Ice 2 doesn’t have the best qualities, or the best display, or the best anything for that matter, but it does the basic stuff and for a N13,000, it is not a bad bargain.

As always, let me know what you think?

Psst: Just to look for a bit of trouble, would you like if I gave this away or the Hot 5? Also, what do you think of Thorpe — one of my quadruplets— in the video?



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