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This Is the First Co-Working Space for Women in Nigeria!

The growing phenomenon of co-working spaces in Nigeria show that people are shifting from the conventional office job to remote work, either working from home or from a co-working space, but when you think of “co-working spaces,” especially the type of people who use them, you’d probably think of a crowd of guys in T-shirts. Well, that is about to change because Girly (I like the name) is set to launch the first ever co-working space for women in Nigeria.

According to TechMoran, Girly.ng is an affordable coworking space where entrepreneurial women can create and collaborate in a professional environment. Their mission is to connect women of different background and profession to other business experts, allow them to build a strong working relationship with each other and also give them access to educational workshops, mentorship, and visibility within the business community.

The space is located in Yaba and will be fully open to the Nigerians (who are females) in January, but signing up with the community now will get female entrepreneurs on the waiting list to enjoy a 20% discount on offered services.

I trust that some will take issue with female-oriented workspaces especially in this age of relative gender equality and neutrality, but previous studies have also shown that male-dominated workplaces can trigger social isolation, not to mention the potential for sexual harassment, so a space where women feel like they belong and can be themselves is more than welcome (And I am not saying this because I am a female).

So, boys and girls, what do you think?



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