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LAWL, Apple Stay In Your iOS Lane: Apple’s First Android App Receives Bad Ratings

This is what happens when you don’t respect yourself and stay in your lane..


It appears that Apple is subtly spoiling for a fight with Android users as they have  gone to the extent of building their first Android App, and you won’t believe the name of the app.

move to ios

first android app from Apple

MOVE TO iOS is the name! Who does that?!  who walks into an enemy’s territory and flaunts their products?!


The first android app from Apple claims to help facilitate the move to iOS from Android devices. As expected, most Android users are not happy about this, they showed their displeasure with a 1-star rating. If you visit the app on the Google play store you will notice that close to 3000 people gave it a 1 star, this number will likely increase by tomorrow.

move to ios 2

I downloaded the app and it appears to be a very simple and basic way of allowing you migrate from Android to iOS – So what do you think of this move by Apple, proud or PROUD?


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