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This Feature Might Make You Switch to Opera Mini… Or Not!

2017 saw an insane rise in the Cryptojacking craze, where a lot of popular websites were caught including scripts that use your device’s processing power to mine cryptocurrencies. The problem is that these scripts have the ability to affect your Smartphone’s performance and battery life.

How Cyrptojacking affects your CPU usage on PC, now imagine how worse it would be on your smartphone.

To fight this, Opera has taken a step further to add a crypto-jacking protection to Opera Mini and Mobile for Android, which would block these scripts from running in the first place. They’ve also created a website so you can see if you are protected from crypto-jacking. (Click here to take the test).



The question is, could this new feature make you switch to Opera?

My answer:

This is majorly because you can easily install adblockers like AdGuard or a reliable VPN to protect yourself from Cryptojacking, but Opera deserves a pat on the back for being the first to implement built-in protections against such cryptojacking scripts


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