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Facebook Wants A Share Of The National Search Cake.

Apparently, Facebook is not satisfied with being the largest Social media platform, they also want a share of the National Search cake.

facebook search

Facebook search

In a bid to compete with Google and Twitter, the Social media giant just stepped up their search. You know how you can go to Twitter and search for anything and have tweets come up but on Facebook, it sucks?! Well, everything is about to change according to the  announcement made on its blog.

facebook search 2

Facebook is updating its search feature to make it possible for users to search 2 trillion indexed public posts on any topic whatsoever – for example when you search for gays in Nigeria (Don’t know why I used this example), you no longer see a list of suggested groups, Pages, or events. Instead, you’ll be directed to a personalized, curated feed with the relevant posts and photos from friends and strangers alike. Here’s a look at what search results would look like:

Search FYIFacebook search

See Facebook search in action:


The major idea behind this is to ensure they keep people on their platform. They want you to rely on them for personalized searches, Your reliance will ensure you use Facebook more than you will use Google’s search engine.

With 2 trillion indexed posts, Do you think Facebook has what it takes to battle with Google or Twitter?


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