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Epic Fail?? This Picture Was Taken with The “Essential Phone.”

Remember the gorgeous “Essential Phone”  (Dubbed the Essential PH-1)?

Yesterday, the Essential President, Niccolo de Masi tweeted a photo that showed how well the phone takes low light pictures.


The problem, however, is the fact that the picture looked like it was taken with the front camera or a 3-year-old smartphone camera. Here you go:


Niccolo must have realized his mistake because he deleted the tweet later, but trust the internet to take a screenshot for posterity’s sake.

To remind you all, the Essential Phone comes with dual rear-facing cameras (RGB + Mono) with 13MP and f/1.85.

In his defense, these things could have happened:

  1. The picture could have been taken behind the glass.
  2. Twitter could have compressed this particular picture.
  3. The phone he used might not be running on the final software.

(These are not valid excuses, but they are the only ones I could come up with).


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