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#EndSARS: Dear SARS, I Am Not a Fraudster Because I Own a Laptop/iPhone.

Is it illegal to own a laptop, an iPhone, or carry a backpack in Nigeria?

With the brutality and intimidation meted out on the Nigerian youth by SARS — Special Anti-Robbery Squad — one might be led to believe that it is. These brutalities have given birth to the #EndSARS campaign on Social Media. A campaign that has garnered over 150,000 tweets and 25,000 signatures via the online petition created to further increase awareness and also ensure that the government does something about it.


Techies and Non-techies alike are also making use of the hashtag to recount horrifying experiences they had to go through in the hands of SARS:

Check out a few of them below:



… And if you think this is just a guy thing, think again!

Meanwhile, the Police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, is of the opinion that people calling for the end of SARS may likely be armed robbers.

In his words:

“As we speak, SARS is doing fantastically well across the country in reducing incidents of robbery to the bare minimum… they are doing very, very well. 

There has not been any specific violation of human rights against any SARS personnel. So anybody that is spreading such a rumour is not doing the nation any good. SARS has no excesses and when there is any, we do investigate.

The call for SARS to be scrapped should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians. Anybody calling for their proscription is not doing the nation any good and such people should be suspected as having something to hide.”

However, former Vice President had this to say:

… But what does the law say really say? According to the Police Act in Section 29:
 A police officer may detain and search any person whom he reasonably suspects of having in his possession or conveying in any manner anything which he has reason to believe to have been stolen or otherwise unlawfully obtained. However, the search CAN ONLY be performed if a search warrant has been issued, if the police officer doesn’t have one, then the search carried out is an illegal one.

So, dear SARS, we are not fraudsters because we own Smartphones, use a MacBook, or drive a car in our 20s, some of us are Bloggers, Developers, Computer Engineers, Graphic Designers, Freelancers, Digital Marketers, to name a few!

Enough is enough!


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