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Download: Morkat Kombat X Is Now Available On Mobile For Free

Morkat Kombat X Is Now Available on Mobile

All Ye Mobile gamers, there is good news – well sorta, The much anticipated Morkat Kombat X Is Now Available on Mobile for FREE, the only downside is, the IOS users get to experience it first before the ANDROID users. Yep, the game has been silently released for iOS and while there is no word on when it will hit Android’s Play Store, there is a rumor that it would soon be released on the Play Store.

Even though we know the actions that would be available on the bigger machines might not be the same on mobile, the mobile version is actually not bad,  – the mobile version has a seperate title, designed specifically for touch. If you’ve played Injustice for iOS or Android, you’d be pretty much familiar with how the game plays, but if you haven’t – here’s how to go about it: You choose 3 characters to play with  and you fight by tapping on the screen. One tap is a light hit, a swipe is a hard hit, tap with 2 fingers to block, very basic.  This is an early introduction to what we are going to expect with the Console and PC version.

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It should be interesting to note that if you own a PC or a Console you have the most to gain with the release of the mobile version, because in addition to the persistent Faction Wars score, console owners will be able to unlock new skins and earn rewards on Mobile that can be transferred to the console game. If you want to watch the mobile version game play – see below

OMG, after watching the video I almost swooned. I am downloading it right now and would update you when I am done breaking bones. If you want to download for IOS visit : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id949701151?mt=8 or just click this link 

Would update you once the Android version is available.


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