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Do you know that Windows “Cortana” can now predict EPL Match results?

You can now Predict EPL Matches with Cortana: By MissTechy ( Nigeria’s Female Tech Blog) 

I am a huge fan of Siri for IPhone, even though I knew about Cortana, I never tried it out because  I heard it wasn’t so amazing. In case you don’t Cortana is the name for the Intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator for Windows Phone 8.1.  

This month, Windows announced that Cortana would be able to predict EPL matches and being a football fan, you can  imagine my face when I learnt about this! I didn’t even wait a minute before I rushed to try the feature out.. and yup they were right. The way it operates is, it uses algorithm from different top football sites to provide its results.

After further research, I  found out that a lot of  people in  UK now use this feature on Betting Sites, can you imagine?? Aaron Souppouris from Engadget tried out the feature and it predicted more than half of the results right for him .. LOL. see his predictions below:

Aaron Souppouris Engadget


Lol…but I trust NAIJA. If I hear that they would stake their hard earned money on this prediction app.

So how do you activate this feature (In case you want to use it for fun)

1. Get a Windows phone 🙂
2. Upgrade to Windows 8.1
3. Go directly to the Cortana App in the App Grid ( Note: Don’t use the shortcut to Cortana)
4. Start Predicting!

I tried out  the above steps, and yeah it predicted what I asked it to predict  ( Manchester United vs Swansea & Arsenal vs Crystal Palace)… See the results below

Impressive yeah? .

MY VERDICT: Before you start planning to buy a Windows Phone because of this feature (some people are crazy like that).. WAIT TILL SATURDAY to see if the match between  Swansea & Manchester United would be a draw. ( If I hear that Man Utd will draw.)

With that said, This is a great feature from Windows.. Thumbs up to the developers (Y)


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