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Do you have what it takes to work at Google? Find out

If I were to ask you to raise up one hand if you would like to work at Google, I am so sure more than 50% of us would raise up  two hands.

Apart from the salary they pay their staff, which is so funtastic (read here), the reputation you’d get for working at Google is priceless. I am so sure that the cleaners that work at Google have very high reputation than most of us that work in average companies.

So enough of wishing, Find out with this little game if you actually have what it takes to work at Google, don’t be perturbed, this does not involve your academic qualification

Remember saying the truth is the key to the game and who knows, Google might actually ask you to come work for them without applying 😉


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Pssst … After you finish playing, I would like to know what your result is.

Thank you.


Google Executive by Faith


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