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Do More With The New Opera Mini 8 For Android

Download the new Opera Mini 8 for Android

Anytime I check the stats for MissTechy, I discover that a lot of users actually surf the net using their Opera Mini browsers – so to all Opera mini users on Android OS you are in for a treat.

The company has released a revamped version of its browser for Android which brings major changes to the table. Some of the features include compressing your Web pages to as little as 10 percent of their original size for faster loading and less data consumption. Also, there is a  Mini-specific data gauge that allows you know how many megabytes you’re saving.

Just like the Chrome browser for Android, the opera Mini 8 has an Omni bar for URLs and search suggestion. they also added a private – browsing mode and visual tab gallery. In my opinion, the new Opera Mini 8 is now fit to be called a native Android web browser


In summary, what you would be getting from the new opera mini 8 include:

Download the new Opera mini


Download the new Opera mini


Download the new Opera mini


Download the new Opera mini





Download the new Opera mini

If you haven’t downloaded, head over to Playstore to download or click here

I am not really a fan of Opera mini, I am married to chrome and it is so hard to divorce him, but I am going to try the new opera mini today and if it is really good, I guess I’d be cheating on chrome

What is your favorite browser?


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