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Diversity in Tech: This Video Might Make You Angry.

The tech industry has a big problem with diversity and it is not just with gender.

A video tweeted by Chukwuemeka Afigo (@Nke_ise) is an example of the failings of technology when it comes to diversity.

You can watch the video below:

No matter how many times he tried, the soap dispenser’s sensor refused to give out hand soap to a user with a dark complexion. A further search on YouTube showed similar videos.


The problem most likely stemmed from the fact that the engineers who developed the sensors used on these soap dispensers shared similar complexions and didn’t realize the sensors wouldn’t work for everyone. So, their lack of diversity inevitably led to a bad product.

I mean, if you have no black people in your office, will it even occur to you to test if something works for them?


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