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Digital Media for the Win: When Was The Last Time You Bought a CD?

I still remember the first CDs I ever bought — Don Moen’s Thank You Lord:

and Hillsong’s “United we stand.”

Got them for N1,500.

However, I can’t for the life of me remember the last CD I bought, because it’s been so long, 11 years kind of long.

For about 11 solid years I’ve used either my smartphone or iPod (in Covenant University) for my music needs.

Now, reports have it that BestBuy, a popular e-commerce platform, will stop selling Physical CDs from its store come July 1st, a decision that could lead you to believe that CDs are a thing of the past, a belief that might not be 100% true, especially in Nigeria, because we still see them (CDs) everywhere.

On platforms like Jumia:

In cars:

On the roads:

And even in some houses. 

Against all the odds, people are still buying CDs.

However, based on the numbers, CD sales are declining —Digital revenues grew by 17.7% (driven by a sharp 60.4% growth in streaming revenue) vs. a 7.6% decline for physical media.

In spite of the stats and the fact that digital options are widely available for music procurement, CDs are still being sold (as a matter of fact, they account for 34% of media revenuesand we (especially people in developing countries) might need a few more years before it finally goes extinct.

So, over to you, when was the last time you bought a CD?


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