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A Couple of Nigerian Universities Would Get Free WiFi Thanks to SurfWella. But What Is The ‘Real’ Catch?

Reports have it that Surfwella (I like the name) intends to offer free WIFI facility to universities in Nigeria. The free WiFi will launch first in the University of Abuja before moving to Lagos State University (LASU), College of Agric, Lafiaji, and UNILAG.  The service is supposedly FREE, which means that “no payment, subscription, data purchase, or modems” needed.


Since I have been wired to think that there is no such thing as a free lunch, I had to ensure that I got the ‘real’ reason behind this good deed, and according to Surfwella’s Chief marketing officer, Olusola Bankole, this is SurfWella’s way of giving back to the society. In his words:

“it’s our own form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is all about empowering the students to be globally competitive, and access to free Internet is the best way to empower the budding on-coming Generation-Z.”

This could be true, but like other free WiFi services, students should expect that this might come with ads. In another school of thoughts, it could also be another way for SurfWella to garner awareness. 

So, is this only limited to Nigerian universities?

Surprisingly no!

I visited their website and discovered that you can browse for free in Lagos provided you know the access points (Which wasn’t listed) and you are registered. You can see it for yourself by clicking here. 



P.S.: You’d have to register first.


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