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These Are The Countries With The Highest Value Of Pirated Software Installed.

Do you have an original Photoshop or Microsoft Office software installed on your PC? Or can you boast that you have never installed a pirated software/movie/music/games? If your answers are “Yes” to both questions:


On a serious note, if you haven’t installed or downloaded a pirated “anything, you deserve an award.

Anyway, in the light of what has happened to Kickass,  Statista looked at the top foreign countries that pirate the most expensive software, and as seen from the chart, USA takes the lead with a commercial value of $9.1 billion while China and India take 2nd and 3rd place respectively.


Although the chart shows the countries that have the most expensive pirated software, you should have it in mind that when it comes to the rate of unlicensed software, USA is actually lower than other countries on the list. In other words, while a greater percentage of people  in non-U.S. countries pirate software, U.S. citizens/individuals pirate much more expensive software.

If we were to assume, which African country would take the lead if the same methodology is applied?


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