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Conan’s Airpod Ad Is Hilariously True!

I love Apple’s airpods and might consider getting one if:

  1. The Country is not in recession
  2. $1 = N1

However, Apple’s decision to go the wireless way has left the internet in a frenzy. For one, wired earphones tend to fall out of our ear during the mildest of activities, and the wire is what helps to tether them to us and prevent us from losing them — Now, the airpod without the wire is a disaster waiting to happen.

Conan’s late night TV show further reiterates this fact in a 1-minute ad.


He tries to mock Apple’s airpod by showing what we fear will happen should you decide to waste that hard earned cash on an Earbud.


If you fancy the Airpods like I do, but are naturally the careless type:




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