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What Do You Do When a Commercial Comes Up During a TV Show or an EPL Match? Facebook Has an Idea.

When it comes to TV commercials, different people have different viewing habits. If it’s a new advertisement I’d wait to see what it is about and change the TV channel the next time it appears or just use that time to tweet or pee.

Now, there’s a lot of data suggesting an increasingly lower engagement with TV advertisements, one of such data is from Facebook. The social media network has revealed the obvious — you can’t stop looking at your phone during a TV commercial. They examined the activity of a group of users while they watched the season premiere of a big TV show.

What they garnered was, during each commercial break, the group of 537 respondents started using Facebook more.

In my opinion, I think they’d use Twitter more.

They also analysed people’s behaviour while watching videos on Facebook. Their findings:
People scroll through mobile News Feed 41% faster than desktop News Feed. And when videos start to auto-play on Facebook (which happens about 70% of the time due to a user’s settings, network and behaviour, people watch them for 16.7 seconds on average.  A similar story holds true for video adverts, which are watched in News Feed for 5.7 seconds on average.

According to Facebook:

Mobile has trained people to focus, choose what’s relevant, consume what matters and move on.
So, in summary:
Since people’s attention have moved away from TV (especially during commercials) it’s best to put your money where the eye is — social media — Facebook.


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