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Meet The Fastest Flashlight App in the World

A Fast Flashlight App: By MissTechy ( Nigeria’s Female Tech Blog)

Guys!!!, do you know that more than 99.5% of Nigerians have a flashlight app or flashlight phone because of the poor light condition in the country? There is even ¬†no need for the statistics, lets get practical ūüėÄ

If you are reading this article, and you own a flashlight app or phone, kindly signify by raising up your hands. (*counting hands*). If your hands are still down, you probably came from yankee or Jand, or wherever that is not Nigeria lol.

MissTechy: Nigeria's Terrible Light condition

Light  Condition in Nigeria is < 2

So, I was really really ecstatic when I discovered this very nice app called ClickLight, like the name implies. All you need to quickly turn that flash light on are just two double clicks which works even when your phone is locked. Cool yeah?

Why¬†did i name it the Fastest Flashlight app? Now imagine this scenario, ¬†it’s 1:20am and you are¬†bathing¬†and voila NEPA takes the light..With this app, There would be no need inputting password codes and navigating to your favorite flashlight app with your wet hands, all you have to do is just double click ¬†on your power button twice and this beautiful app would restore light to your world in the blink of a second ( This is cool for all those scared of darkness lol ).

The Only downside is that it prevents your phone from sleeping when using it, and yeah which flashlight app doesn’t, after testing it with other cool flashlight app, I came to an impartial conclusion that¬†CLICKLIGHT is ¬†the FASTEST FLASHLIGHT APP IN THE WORLD.

Sue me if you think otherwise! ūüėČ

To download, Click on this link, try it and tell me what you think:


Remember: To turn on the flashlight, Just double click on your power button, and to turn off .. double click too.

Don’t forget to thank me for introducing you to this awesomeness

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