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Check out these amazing Google Search Tricks

These Google Tricks would blow your socks off: By MissTechy (Nigeria’s Female Tech Blog)

We all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but i am sure only a few people in Nigeria are aware of the extra tricks you can actually do with Google, Since most of you might be out for lunch, take your time to check out these amazing Google tricks. If you are a tech newbie, these tricks would knock your socks off, swear down. If you are Tech pro, these shouldn’t be new to you 🙂 but if it is ..all join ;).

Please note : that for all these tricks you’d have to type google.com directly into your  browser ( Do not use the default Google search page you have originally).

See below my top 6 Google Search tricks.

1. Do the barrel roll..
Do you want to see your google page roll its waist like @Inyanya’s 😉 ..then go to www.google.com type in ” Do a barrel roll” without quotes…What happens is your entire screen rotates 360 degrees before presenting the result..I bet you didn’t know that 😀

Do-barrel-roll: Google Search Tricks

2. Google gravity
Are u ready for the next trick… I bet you are… I bring to you Google Gravity, the google trick that shakes your gravity( okay that didn’t make sense). Anyways, Here is how it works; type in “Google Gravity” then click on I am feeling lucky, try clicking on anything and see what happens.. Cool yeah .. Told ya!

3. Zerg Rush
In case you think you’ve seen it all, phew, you haven’t guys.. meet Zerg rush. Like the usual, type in Zerg rush on google ( Please note that you’d have to actually open google.com, not your custom google page on your mobile devices or laptops) So after typing in Zerg rush,  try to click an item.. and see magic happen on your screen.

4. Find Chuck Norris
Now this one is so Hilarious, remember when Chuck Norris trended on Twitter that year, lol well Google has created a special effect for him, try typing Find Chuck Norris then click on “I’m feeling lucky” .. told you it was HILARIOUS!

Find Chuck Norris: Google Search Tricks

5. Tilt or Askew
This one isn’t as interesting as others, but still worthy of a place in my top Google hidden tricks, It is simple, Just type tilt  or askew to get Google tipsy

6.  Atari breakout
Are you ready for an OLD SCHOOL GAME!!!!.. If you are like I am, let’s start! Type in atari breakout on Google.com, click on images and enjoy your lunch break.

I really think these tricks are soo cool.. I hope you think so too! How about dropping a comment 😉



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