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The Rise Of The ChatBots: Here Are The Top 3 Coolest ChatBots At The Moment

They are here guys, Chatbots are about to change business as we know it. If you have the updated Facebook Messenger, you can experience these bots first hand, but given the fact that it is just launching, not many businesses are on it yet. However, here are the top 3 platforms that have active chatbots.


One of my favorite news platforms has launched their chatbot.When you send a message to it, it would immediately provide you with the latest stories etc.  See a sample below:





I particularly liked Shop Spring’s chatbot, because rather than type, all I needed to do was to click on the options the chatbot gave. Plus, it even gave me items I can find under a particular price tag.


1-800 Flowers

Here is another e-commerce chatbot, but for flowers. This chatbot will deliver flowers to your set address. Although it isn’t available in Nigeria, you can still get an insight into how Businesses in Nigeria and Africa can leverage on this platform.


To see more list of chatbots click here.  I must warn you, though, not all chatbots are active. For example, Emu music, Pyro, and HP have refused to reply me. 🙁



Have you tried it out? What are our thoughts?


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