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Change the Folder Background of your Windows Laptop/Desktop to any image of your choice

 Change the Folder Background of your Windows Laptop/Desktop

Hello everyone, what I want to share with you all is something I have known for a while now, it is about how you can change the folder’s background of your Windows laptop or desktop computer to any image of your choice.. In basic terms I would be sharing with you how you can add any picture of your choice as a Folder background.. think it is impossible?   Read on..

NB: This has been tested on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.1

1. First thing you would need to do is to download the application by clicking on this link

2. Save it in your download folder, right-click and run as administrator.
3. Select the Browse option, and choose a suitable folder location to add the background wallpaper  to. ( i.e. your document, pictures etc.)

4. Then click Change Background Image, and choose some background wallpaper for the folder, you should see the image appear as a thumbnail beside it.


5.  Then check your folder and see the effect.


So my dear readers, that is how to  Change the Folder Background of your Windows Laptop/Desktop, If you have any issues, do let me know 😀


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