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Certum Certificate Authority Launches in Nigeria to Fight Growing Cybercrime Menance.

The fight against cybercrime in Nigeria has achieved a major milestone with the local launch of Certum, the first security Certification authority with a direct presence in Nigeria. Cybercrime has progressed from websites being hacked and users’ data being stolen to sophisticated criminality targeting companies (particularly financial institutions), e-commerce sites, Government agencies and others. Everyone is vulnerable today and it is only a matter of time before one falls prey to these undesirable elements. The local launch of Certum Certificate Authority is thus a welcome development in Nigeria.

According to Peter Uka, Certum Business Development Manager, “Certum is a globally recognised Certificate Authority owned by the Asseco Group, which has a direct presence in Nigeria through Asseco Nigeria with offices in Lagos and Abuja. Certum provides Cryptographic Trust and Security products such as secure socket layer (SSL / TLS ) certificates, email encryption certificates (S-MIME technology), code signing certificates and electronic signature products. These technologies are needed to secure websites and encrypt email and document communication – making it more difficult for information to get through to the wrong hands.”

The important benefits of a local certificate authority are onsite support, extremely fast verifications on higher end SSL certificates used by financial institutions and all transactions in naira and not in foreign currencies. Peter Uka adds, “Being present locally gives the advantage of being able to carry out company/documents validation faster such that the certificates are issued significantly quicker than with Certification Authorities based abroad. The highest end certifications are processed within 3 days as against months with foreign-based Certification Authorities. This means companies and individual users can more quickly get the Organisation Validation (OV) & Extended Validation (green bar) SSL certificates for use on their websites and portals within a few days.”

Certum CA meets the strictest European and international quality requirements for trust & encryption products. It has been audited and certified by WebTrustTM for Certification Authorities. The SSL certificates are the latest TLS 1.2 certificates. This means users get the very latest encryption/security technology and protection against even more vulnerabilities. They feature up to 256-bit encryption and SHA-2 algorithm and are 100% compatible with and recognised by ALL browsers and email clients, including much older versions.

Security on for e-commerce websites or financial institutions are no longer a luxury. It has become imperative that all businesses and organisations of all sizes have at least basic protection for their web assets and communication channels to forestall the now probably inevitable menace of cyber crime.


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