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Not Good With Photoshop & Others? These Websites Will Help You Create Stunning Images.

Admit it! A beautiful graphic says a lot! However, not everyone can fiddle with graphic applications like Photoshop and the likes. Along came Fotor and Canva, two websites that will allow you to create stunning text and graphic effects in simple steps.



With Fotor, you can edit and design your images – to design, just select a dimension, click on import photos and choose a template from a list of templates. (Fotor has a few templates, but they are lovely).To visit, click here



Meanwhile, Canva has a large database of templates, but it is just restricted to design, no photo editing! To begin, just visit Canva, select your dimension and go to the upload tab to upload any image of your choice and apply/tweak a template



I must point out that these two platforms can NEVER replace Photoshop, but for those days you want to add some text or graphic effect, they’d come through for you.


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