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Can We Talk About Payporte’s Website?

Imagine this: You search for a product using Google search, let’s say a Phone case. Then you see a good result:

You click on it, and while you’re still trying to decide whether to go for it, this comes up:

With no option for you to close it.

This is exactly what happens when you spend time on Payporte’s website, especially on mobile, you get a login prompt with no close button.

For the few times I’ve encountered this on Payporte, I either do this:

Close the tab!

Or use my developer’s console to remove the prompt:


I don’t know the logic behind forcing people to register โ€” my best bet would be that Payporte has gotten so many visits with a few signups and this is their own way of ensuring that people who visit also sign up.

If that is the case, then this could also be enough to put off first-time shoppers who can’t see why they should have to register first.

As a matter of fact, when you want people’s money, you should remove as many impediments as you can that get in the way of them providing it! And this is one of them!

Over to you, ever encountered this on Payporte? What do you think?


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