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Between Buhari, Jonathan and the First Made-in-Nigeria Drone.

There is an ongoing controversy in the country, and the focus is on an unlikely suspect!

A drone:

You know, that thing that flies?

On Thursday, President Muhammadu Buhari launched the first locally manufactured drone, the name? Tsaigumi. According to the reports, the drone would be used to fight terrorism, armed banditry, and other sophisticated crimes through enhanced air surveillance.

However, another valid report claims that Tsaigumi isn’t the first made in Nigeria Drone to be launched by NAF and that is because, in December 2013, the ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan launched a drone named Gulma which we were told was the first locally manufactured Drone.


So, who really launched the first made in Nigeria drone?

The Presidency issued a statement saying that the Gulma Drone, launched by Jonathan was a prototype, and Tsaigumi is the “first OPERATIONAL indigenous UAV developed by NAF”

To back this claim, in 2012, there was a drone named Amebo, also built by the Nigerian Air Force.

In addition, a statement issued by Yusuf Anas, a NAF spokesperson, in 2014 revealed that Gulma was only a prototype and could not be operational.

So, in other words, Buhari launched the first operational drone in Nigeria.

Plenty drama if you ask me because both Gulam, Tsaigumi and even Amebo serve the same purpose. So, I see no reason why Buhari couldn’t continue with what Jonathan had started.

In another school of thought, I guess Buhari wanted to go down in history as the first Nigerian president to launch an operational drone, hence Tsaigumi.


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