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Bloggers, Business Owners And Individuals Are Crying Out On Instagram

[corner-ad id=1]As reported, Instagram is ditching its chronologically ordered feed to adopt an algorithm-based feed which has gotten a lot of people rattled on Instagram because this could make them  lose valuable promotional opportunities.


Now, if you visit Instagram there is a post from a Blogger, Business owner, Brand and even Individual asking people to turn on push notifications so as to continue seeing their post

instagram push

What turning on push notifications will do is to ensure you receive notification when the individual makes a post thereby making sure that they are more likely to appear in the new, non-chronological feed.


Image Source: Cnet

If Instagram fails to listen to the cries of many, there is nothing anyone can do given that there isn’t a direct competitor for Instagram, Yes it is beginning to sound like a dictatorship form of government (P.S: At least Twitter listened). So If you use Instagram for business,  you might want to request that those who follow you turn on post notifications.

However, for those who aren’t Influencers or celebs, remember this, If you turn on notifications for everyone you follow, your phone will go nuts, it will probably drive you crazy.

Yes, this isn’t fair, but let’s hope that Mark Zuckerberg is seeing this and decides to roll back the proposed change. Till then, We no go gree-oh!

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