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Blackberry Fans in Nigeria: You are not alone, Kim Kardashian still uses a Blackberry Bold

If you still use a Blackberry, This article is for you:ย By MissTechy (Nigeria’s Female Tech Blog)

If you use a BB, you shouldn’t feel bad or downcasted.. as a matter of fact … YOU SHOULD STILL FLAUNT IT.. apart from the cheap data plans it has, Blackberry is still popular amongst the affluent. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Justin Timberlake, and even Obama have been seen flaunting their blackberry devices.

I know, the typical Nigerian mentality would not believe until they see proof…so check out latest pictures of our dear Kimmy, flaunting her BB Bold via www.complex.com

Oct 19.

Kim Oct 19

Oct 15

Kim Oct 15


Sept 25

Sept 25 with her iphone

January 10

March 25

I am not a FAN of KIM KARDASHIAN.. please don’t get me wrong.. All I am saying is if she (Kim) with all the money, can still flaunt her “old school” device.. I don’t see why you should hide your device ( or just use it for a specific purpose).

So to all the Blackberry fans, if they tell you ย are old-school because they are using iPhone, Samsung and the likes… you now know what you can tell them ..:D


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