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The Banking & Finance Graduate in Me Likes the New Google Search Update.

Story of my life: When I was younger, I’d told everyone who cared to listen that I wanted to be an accountant, it was what the cool kids said, that or a doctor, and even after I discovered my passion for technology, I still find that I have a thing for finance, not because I love calculations:

Majorly because I remember the years I struggled with a lot of financial courses in the University, but Google is bringing Finance back to my face.


Moving forward, there’s going to be a new navigation tab called Finance which will provide easier access to financial information, including the latest market news, and in-depth insight about companies. The new tab can be found in Google Search by clicking on the “More” button after performing a search on Google for finance-related information. That is not all, Google has also announced that the Web version of Google Finance is getting a redesign and just like the current Google Finance, you’ll get stock prices, historical graphs, and news. However, as part of this update, some duplicated Google Finance features are going to be deprecated, including the portfolio, the ability to download it, and historical tables.

Why the addition, you ask? It appears that the search interest in finance and stocks has doubled globally in the last five years, so the big G feels the need to introduce an expanded finance experience inside Google Search on both desktop and mobile web.

The update is not yet available in this part of the world, but you should see it in a couple of weeks.


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