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Apple: On An Average, iPhone Users Unlock Their Phones 80 Times Per Day

According to Apple, on an average, iPhone users unlocks their phones 80 times a day. What this implies is given a 12-hour day of usage, the iPhone user checks his/her phone between 6 or 7 times per hour or about once every 10 minutes. This is less than Android’s 110 times per day stat.


According to Apple’s analyst, Ben Bajarin, Apple has found a way to use Touch ID to balance security with the user experience.

Apple is attempting something that seems unprecedented at an industry level. To bring industry leading security but do so by actually enhancing the user experience. Prior to Touch ID for example, many organizations required eight, and sometimes longer, PIN numbers. Imagine entering that many numbers every time you pick up your smartphone. […]

Regardless, the simple act of logging into our phone via a secure form of login like passcodes or fingerprints is now taken for granted in much of Apple’s ecosystem when, just a few years ago, anyone could have stolen my phone and have access to my personal information.

At first, 80 might seem like a lot, but considering how sometimes people unlock their phones just for the fun of it makes it believable.

I know there are days I unlock my phone so it’d seem like I am busy.


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