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Between Apple’s New MacBook Pro And Microsoft’s Surface Book i7

They are finally here guys!!! The two most anticipated announcements from Apple and Microsoft! I have been waiting for Apple to make an announcement before I talk about Microsoft’s.

Without further ado, say hello to the new MacBook Pro 2016 (Apple actually announced three new models of the MacBook Pro — One with a 13-inch screen and a touchscreen, one with a 13-inch display, and one with a 15-inch screen. )


…. And the Surface Book i7.



So, how do they fare in the specs department? Have a look:

Screen sizes13.3 or 15.4-inches13.5-inches
Screen resolution2560×1600 or 2880×18003000×2000
WeightFrom 1.58kg1.67kg
ProcessorIntel Core i5 or Core i7Intel Core i7
Memory8GB or 16GB 8GB or 16GB
Storage256SSD256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
PricingFrom $1799From $2399
PortsThunderbolt ports
And USB Type-C
USB Type A ports
And an SD card reader

Microsoft describes it as the  “ultimate laptop,” while Apple describes theirs as the “thinnest and lightest version of the Pro to date.”

Side attraction-wise, you have the most talked about TouchBar on the MacBook Pro that changes and adapts to whatever software the user is using at the time. For example, if you’re in Safari, you’ll see shortcuts. You can also scroll through photos, apply filters, and make some edits. Also, as you’re typing, Touch Bar can also show quick type suggestions or emoji. Lastly, there is a TouchID fingerprint reader integrated into the Touch Bar, which enables purchases with your fingerprint, and presumably, will lock your laptop in addition to a password. It doubles as the on and off switch for the laptop.


For the Surface Book i7, the biggest upgrade is, of course, the GPU. Microsoft has updated the GPU to a GeForce GTX 965M with 2GB of GDDR5. The Surface Book i7 also has a detachable screen which can be used independently of the keyboard base, transforming it into a tablet. Alternatively, the reversible hinge means that you can bend the display backwards and fold the Surface Book i7, so the screen is pointing outwards, again to use it as a tablet.



Microsoft went on to take a shot at Apple, saying the new Surface Book i7 is up to three-times as fast as a comparably priced MacBook Pro.

Whether or not that is true is yet to be proven.

I know there are so many Anti-apple fans here, but in your church mind, which Book killed it?


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